Из истории авиабазы Кипелово:

1 сентября 1963 года началось формирование 392 ОДРАП.

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Kipelovo, located near train station Kipelovo on a major railway to St.Peterburg, is a Russian Navy air base in Russia located 44 km west of Vologda. It is a large base for long-range aircraft, with 20 revetments in a remote area and large tarmac along parallel taxiway.

Built in 1963, Fedotovo was an unnamed military town but took on the name of the first commander of 392 ODRAP, Lt. Col. Alexander Fedotov, who was killed in an aircraft crash in 1966.

Fedotovo was a major source of Tupolev Tu-95 and Tu-142 flights overshadowing the U.S. Navy Atlantic Fleet in the Cold War. The base provided reconnaissance for the North Fleet Air Arm.

Units stationed at Kipelovo include:

  • 392 ODRAP (392nd Independent Long-Range Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment) flying Tupolev Tu-95RTs (Bear-D). It was Fedotovo's first unit, beginning operations in 1963 and serving active duty with the Northern Fleet Air Arm and tasked with monitoring the activities of Western navies in the Arctic, participating in space program splashdowns, and conducting search-and-rescue activities. Its aircraft were deployed regularly to Cuba throughout the 1970s and to Angola and Guinea later in the decade. A declassified CIA document written in 1977 took note of these Atlantic deployments, stating that while they had little impact on the United States mainland, they "contribute to the threat to Western naval forces operating in the Northern Atlantic Ocean". 
  • 76 OPLAP DD (76th Independent Long Range Anti-Submarine Aviation Regiment) flying 25 Tupolev Tu-142M (Bear-F) aircraft beginning in March 1970. Though most of its operations ane exercises tracking the U.S. Navy fleet took place in the Atlantic Ocean and Barents Sea, in 1976 and 1977 part of the unit participated in exercises with the Soviet Pacific Fleet and was based temporarily at its sister base Khorol. In 1992 its personnel were deployed to India to train Indian pilots on their new Tu-142MK-E aircraft.
  • 145 PLAP DD (145th Long Range Anti-Submarine Aviation Regiment flying (Tupolev Tu-142M and Tupolev Tu-142MR).

This material is from Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fedotovo).


Articles translated by Miguel Vargas-Caba (links to pdf files):

Alexander Fedotov, first commander of the 392 ODRAP. 

Recollections of a Bear intercept on December 19, 1977 by CDR Dean Steele (USN ret.)